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What is Safar?

Safar, a magical Arabic/Persian word, meaning a journey. David Ben Zur Travels is a unique travel-press agency who can take you to places and people from the Polar circle in the north down south to the Equator and down south to Antarctica. From the deserts of Rajasthan to the rain forests of the Amazon basin or to the glaciers of Iceland. From the Hindu-Balinese temple in Bali to the Nomadic tribes of East Africa or Sami people in Lpaland.
Our concept is to touch landscapes, cultures, people, art and nature who are part of our world and human race.

Who is David Ben Zur?

An experienced travel and expeditions guide and a photojournalist working for travel and geographical magazines and making documental films for TV. A degree on middle east and Africa studies from Tel Aviv university.

Why are we so special?

During the last 12 years I was focusing on exploring the Arctic, Ethno Geography issues in south east Asia, Africa and the middle east. Geo Political issues in the middle east and in Africa. Writing about explorers of the 19th century and the early 20th century.
You can take your readers for travel journey on a boat down the Ganges river in India or take a snow mobiles journey to the Barents sea in Lapland or a drive a jeep safari to remote monasteries in Israel.
Just let us know what story or photo you need for your magazine and we will find the best photo or best text.

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